Roll Over, Rover!
She's hamming it up for the camera again!

Photo Comments
how sad your dog has been threw alot \
Apr. 8, 2006  By: A Friend
Started to view Sophie's pictoral at first by ramdom, then got totally pulled in. What a cool dog she is. And what great parents you only receive if you give.
Feb. 20, 2006  By: Ronnie
OMG she RUNS and RUNS and chases frisbees and balls like a CHAMP!!! She is amazing, she does everything with 3 legs that she used to do with 4, I can't believe how fast she is. When I walk her on a leash, I have to RUN to keep up!
Nov. 6, 2005  By: Sophie's Mom (CaRoL)
I loved your story!! I hope that your dog is okay!! Is it hard for your dog to walk on 3 legs?
Nov. 5, 2005  By: Andrea
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