Eleanor & Claire
**Actual notes written on July 2, 2013 by these two adorable little girls.** Hi! I missed you at the Kutztown Folk Festival! We looked ALL over for you and wondered where you were... but now we know. I really hope you will consider setting up your lovely booth next year. I STILL sleep with both Josephine, Frederick, and their fuzzy "child", Rose. I love them. Hopefully next year I can add another bunny to my collection! Miss you, Eleanor P.S Josephine, Frederick, and Rose miss you, and are lonely! Now----from CLaire..... I misted you at the Kutztown fair!We saw a empty spot with no one there exept bugs. We all looked for you. I hope you can come back next year.Why did you not come this year?I told my stuffed animals that they would see a new friend on Sat. But it was a lie I told thum. I hope we see you next year!!!! Claire +