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European Trip - Summer 1996

Socrates once stated, "The unexamined life is not worth living." So with that in mind, I bought a convertible backpack, a 21 day Eurail pass, a sturdy pair of walking shoes and decided to head to Europe. My fellow "road scholars," Jason Jones and his girlfriend, accompanied me on a month long whirlwind tour that culminated in earning our degree from the "university of experience."

For one month were were temporary Europeans: drinking our tea with milk in London, eating fine cuisine (McDonalds) on the famous boulevard Champs-Elysees in Paris, retracing Hemingway's footsteps in Madrid, taking in the fresh air while bobsledding on trash bags in the Swiss Alps, doing the "caesar shuffle" in Rome, fighting the birds and tourists in sun-soaked Venice, listening to Jewish conspiracies with Otto in the music capitol of the world-Vienna, roaming the desolate streets of Prague at 5:00 AM, drinking beer to out hearts content in Munich and observing total debachery in the infamous red light district in Amsterdam. (Note: these photos were taken before my digital days. They were taken with my old Olympus camera and scanned into my computer. As I have the time I will scan in more photos to add to this album in the future). Photos and text copyright by Sam Antonio. To purchase prints or to license an image please contact me at