Christin Collier, NC
I am new to trading. I have been couponing now for over 7 years, with some success, but nowhere near the success of the members of RC. I became an RC member right at 3 months ago, with much hesitation, but was almost to the point of throwing out all of my coupons - it just wasn't worth spending the money for papers, and then spending $400.00 to $600.00 in groceries. It wasn't working as I had wanted it to. Then I got my first RC magazine. I was soooo jealous. How in the world could all of these people be getting so much for so little, and sometimes for nothing!?!? That was all of the motivation I needed. If they can do it, so can I. I answered a few of the ads from the magazine. I didn't check out the website until about 4 to 6 weeks ago. WOW!!! Links for freebies, ads trading forms and coupons!? This was a dream come true!!! I am a stay at home mom, with 5 boys that I teach at home. We try to pinch every penny and then some, but through all of the posts and trades, we could really be well off! I started off small. I got a $10.00 free gift card from Kmart by transferring a Rx. I got some of their trial size items (deoderant, shampoo, etc.) along with a few grocery (edible) items, and paid only a couple of dollars for what should have been $30.00 or more. That was all it took!!! I was a believer!! I got the Incredibles DVD at CVS for FREE between CVS bucks and really good coupons I had. WOW!!! This was unbelievable!!! The kids (pictured), have watched it soo many times and love the movie. I have since been to the grocery store for high dollar trips about twice. Both times, through coupons and rebates, I was able to cut my grocery bill more than in half!!! It gets better and better, yet. One particular trip I would like to share with the readers. It has been my best big trip so far. I owe a huge, heart felt thank you to those traders out there who helped me in this feat!! I could not have done it without you and am forever grateful to you. We live on the East Coast of NC in a city called Morehead City. My favorite grocery store to shop at is Lowe's Food. They double coupons up to .60 in face value (regardless of whether or not it says DND) with a $35.00 or more purchase. I had prepared like I was supposed to - checking the paper for sales as well as getting my coupons organized for double and triple plays. I was ready. My 10 year old went with me. We had a blast. I couldn't have gone any better. First of all, I had 15 coupons for .50 off of a bag of ice thanks to a gracious trader. That means I could get 15 bags of ice for .39 each!! I did!! We, as I mentioned, live on the east coast of NC, and we are lovers of the water. We have a beautiful 1968 Anna Capri 23 foot boat that we like to go out in as much as possible. My husband spent all of last summer in repairing and rebuilding it. Then we had a huge plastic wall around the garage entrance to our house so that he could paint it. It looks brand new! Every time we go, of course, we have to get bags of ice for drinks, food, and any fish we catch (which have been very few, but we still have high hopes!). We also have many threats of potential hurricanes living where we do, and one of the first things to go is ice. So believe you me, I took full advantage of this beautiful opportunity. I also had 9 coupons for free coffee up to $4.00 with the purchase of 2 full size Keeblers Sandies Cookies. Yep, you guessed it - I have 19 packages of Keebler cookies in my pantry along with 9 packages of Maxwell House light coffee. What I was so excited about is the fact that here was an opportunity for a triple play, at the very least. The cookies were regularly over $3.00 a package. When I went in there to get my groceries (with my awesome coupons), the cookies were on sale for 2 for $5.00 plus they had a peel off sticker for .55 off of each pack of cookies. I near about wet my pants right there in the store!!!!! That meant that I could get each package of cookies for $1.40 each along with free coffee!! Does it get any better than this? Yes, as a matter of fact it does because I also had good coupons for some deoderant that they had. I made a small profit on the trial size deoderant and paid less than .50 cents for the full size deoderant because they were marked down for close out. I was estatic. My total grocery bill should have been close to $300.00, but with all of the sales, coupons, and discounts I had, I ended up paying just over $100.00!!!! I want to personally thank Michele for getting this magazine going. You keep all of us couponers/refunders in touch with all you have accomplished and with all that you do. Thank you to all of you who volunteer in the (areas) that you do. You all keep us up to date on the latest possible sales, double, and triple plays. Thank you to all of you traders out there who have been so gracious to me in your time, talent, coupons, and forms. I could not save all that I do without you for my family of seven. We seem to be in a land of no forms, because I have looked and have not found anywhere near the ones I read about on a daily basis. Refunding has become such a blessing and joy - it could not be possible without any of you. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for all of your help, encouragement, time in explaining to me what all of the once-used-to-be gibberish means, and for sharing all that you do. I am truely looking forward to many years of refunding!!!