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"Character Dolls" e-mail

Hand-made, One-of-a-Kind, "Character Series" Dolls are inspired by characters in books or movies or just out of my head! They are all constructed from high quality cotton in various colors and textures and stuffed with polyester fiberfill. A variety of techniques are used to make each face which may include embroidery, paint, pencil, ink, chalk, gesso and spray fixative, and needle sculpting. The hair is hand sewn to the head with specialty yarns imported from all over the world. Each outfit is designed and made to enhance the character of the doll. No glue or Velcro is used in the construction.

After my mother, Josephine, passed away, I decided to sew a *seashell onto the cheek of each doll. This became my trademark and is taken from a necklace belonging to her. In one of his/her multiple pockets I place a hand-made card with the name of the doll and a quote from the book that inspired me to create this character. *Many of my dolls made for small children do not have a 'seashell' sewn onto their face for safety purposes.