The New Gym as it looks today
Nancy and I have been thinking about talking with the McDowell County Mission and planning a 50's dance here. Let us know what you think. It could be a fund raiser for the mission.

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Thanks Barbara, I look forward to the new pics. I spend time each week looking at the Mcdowell sites. Many of us live in other states due to work and cannot get home often. I was fortunate to have spent two years (7th and 8th grades) at the old Welch HS. Then it all changed. I remember it well
May. 16, 2009  By: Bill Forren
This also the gym where Homer Hickam of "Rocket Boys" fame, won his first science fair
Jun. 12, 2007  By: Barbara
HI Bill, Thanks for your comment. Nancy and I will be in Welch in a few days and have plans to collect a lot of new pictures, so check back.
May. 6, 2007  By: Barbara
I really enjoyed the picture of the gym. I have not seen the inside of the gym building since graduating from Jr. high in 1979. Brought back some memories for sure.
May. 5, 2007  By: Bill Forren
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