The New Gym as it looks today
Nancy and I have been thinking about talking with the McDowell County Mission and planning a 50's dance here. Let us know what you think. It could be a fund raiser for the mission.

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I am having problem with welch hs history and seems never see or where is the baseball field,football field,track field!!!!! Seems they do have sports but no field??!! Do they plays always games at all time over the years?? My god where is it? Can anyone show pictures and tell me if they have sports
Jun. 20, 2015  By: James Robinson
Thanks Barbara, I look forward to the new pics. I spend time each week looking at the Mcdowell sites. Many of us live in other states due to work and cannot get home often. I was fortunate to have spent two years (7th and 8th grades) at the old Welch HS. Then it all changed. I remember it well
May. 16, 2009  By: Bill Forren
This also the gym where Homer Hickam of "Rocket Boys" fame, won his first science fair
Jun. 12, 2007  By: Barbara
HI Bill, Thanks for your comment. Nancy and I will be in Welch in a few days and have plans to collect a lot of new pictures, so check back.
May. 6, 2007  By: Barbara
I really enjoyed the picture of the gym. I have not seen the inside of the gym building since graduating from Jr. high in 1979. Brought back some memories for sure.
May. 5, 2007  By: Bill Forren
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