Little ones
These little ones graduated in 1961

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Hi Deidre, Yes, I do have some pictures of the 57 class in the younger years. In this album the photo Mrs. Gilley 6th grade and one of the Crafts with Mrs. Gilley are future 57 graduates. Future welch 57 grads are also in the Hempill Caples pics.Email me: I graduated in 57.
Feb. 14, 2007  By: Barbara
Do you have any photos of the class of 57 from Welch High School? My mom graduated that year.
Feb. 14, 2007  By: Deidre
OH, I am sure that a lot of us pictured here can only dream of being called "Little ones" again! Alas!
Jan. 1, 2006  By: Nancy
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