Mr. Richardson
Our beloved principal

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I don't remember Mr. Richardson having a wooden paddle, but I sure can remember the razor strap!!!
Oct. 22, 2007  By: Johnny Cannoy
"Beak" as we called him, was one of the dearest men I ever knew........yes, he was strict when he needed to be, but deep down he was a marshmallow! Mr. Bivens always told me that I had him "wrapped around my finger".....ha! I don't know about that, but he did let me get by with a few things.
Jul. 30, 2007  By: Nancy
He actuaqlly had, and used, a razor strap.
Jul. 28, 2007  By: Richard
Don't forget that some of us "youngsters" were on The Hill long after you seniors had left. Trust me, there was a paddle there. I(uh, whoever told me) could vouch for that! I like the "board of education" paddle name...probably best saved for use on those who were "bored of education". 'Tweren't ME
Jun. 1, 2006  By: Bob G.
HI Bob, Funny you should ask about that paddle. Something must have made an impression on you, LOL. I did find a paddle, but it must be a different one. This one had board of education written on it. I will add a picture of it soon. I NEVER knew there was a paddle at Welch High School. Believe me??
Jun. 1, 2006  By: Barbara
Barbara, did you happen to notice if that big wooden paddle with the frowning face on it was still hanging on the wall in Mr. Richardson's office? As I recall (uh, so I'm told) the paddle also had holes drilled in it to give it a little more sting with each swat! IT WORKED (uh, again, so I'm told)!
May. 31, 2006  By: Bob G.
This console is still in Mr. Richardson's old office. About40 years of dust on it.
May. 16, 2006  By: Barbara
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