Mrs. Gilley's 6th grade class
1951 Check out Michael in the front. He looks even better on his Harley. Geraldine and Shelby shared this photo with me.

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This Welch Elementary School in Welch, WV. In 1951
Apr. 2, 2012  By: barbara
Thanks Bobby, I knew that was you. You are behind Mary helen Banks and sharing a seat with Buford Muncy. I will work on a number system and get the names. I think i know most of them.
Oct. 7, 2008  By: Barbara
I think that is me in the front center with only the top of my head showing. I think my twin brother Penny is in the very back center with his head centered on the column. It looks like Tommy Kuhn standing with the checked shirt on. It would be great if everyone could add identities they know.
Oct. 6, 2008  By: Bob Bracey (moved away in 1949-50)
You are right Mary Helen and that is Barbara Mitchell to your left and Maria Dimasa behind and also behind is Buford Muncy. I can name most everyone in this picture, but it is hard to give locations. Betty Sue and Marion are also behind you. I will work out a system to identify everyone.
Sep. 8, 2007  By: barbara
That's me in the front with striped shirt & Shelby behind me!
Sep. 8, 2007  By: Mary Helen Banks Harris
Tim, The girls in this class swooned every time you came in to see your mother.
Jan. 4, 2006  By: Barbara
The two little girls right in the center, are are me and Nilda. I am on the right with tie on blouse.
Oct. 27, 2005  By: Barbara
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