Evil - 'skeleton letters'
Monoline calligraphy in gouache on watercolor background. Copyright: Jan Hurst, 2002. 11x14 matted prints available. jan.hurst@insightbb.com

Photo Comments
Jan just visited your website for the first time and I love your work, have not picked up a pen for a while due to circumstances(!), now you have inspired me to have a go again!!
Jul. 29, 2009  By: penny browning
Beautiful work, would be hard to pick a favorite! - Peter
Aug. 26, 2006  By: Peter Ciccariello
What lovely work and what a lovely web site....first time I've visited, won't be the last!
Aug. 25, 2006  By: Lucile Grassi
Jan, I love your new work! It is a brilliant use of multimedia. The Friendship book gave me goosebumps, cause I hope that I am one of those special friends that comes along so seldom and are so much fun to nurture. I love you gal! I am VERY proud of you and all of your art work!
Aug. 24, 2006  By: Jan Salyer
Nice work Jan, it's been a while since I last visited..new work, and new layout..lots to see..grin. thanks for sharing.. delightful as always..
Aug. 16, 2006  By: Collene In Oz
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