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The Highland Ham...Self Portraits By Joey

No, this isn't our own attempt at the extreme close ups in The Blair Witch Project...these are actually self portraits taken by my son Joey, 3. One evening I asked my daughter to take a picture of me in a new dress I had bought for my neice's upcoming wedding. I was trying to decide between 2 dresses and I wasn't sure which one I was keeping, so I wanted to see how it looked on me first. I found my camera on my desk, but the lens was left open and the batteries were dead. After I replaced the batteries, I was very curious to find out why my camera had been left on. Earlier I had uploaded all of the pictures on my camera, so it should've been empty of photos; however, I was surprised to find that over 40 pictures had been taken recently.

As I turned on the camera I found photo after photo of Joey's face. Even though I was upset Joey had touched my beloved camera, I couldn't stop laughing. The photos were so funny! Apparently while I was at choir rehearsal that evening, Joey had decided to play with my camera while Daddy was watching TV. I asked Joey what he was doing with Mommy's camera and he said "I was just doing what you do Mommy: taking pictures of myself". Ahhhh, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. As you can see, he wasn't always so successful at getting his face in the shot and about 10 of the pictures were close ups of his hand or fingers. He also decided to take some pictures of his puppy and of cartoon network on TV. I think he may have a future in photography...By the way, I decided to keep the red dress.