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THIS ALBUM IS DEDICATED TO THOSE CYRILITE'S THAT HAVE PASSED - THEY WERE WITH US IN SPIRIT THAT EVENING. Let me first start off by giving credit to Paul Miller 64' for his time and effort in heading this event, and his many helpers (Charlotte Featherstone (Srock) 66', Marilyn White (Mlniarcik)64', Tom Dalecki 64', Rich Walczyk 60', and myself for pulling off one hell of a reunion. As Andy Sakmar 59' had told me, "look what you started"! This is something that I had wanted for some time as you all know, and Paul took it to another level, so again, hats off to Mr. Miller. It has been established that if it was not for our reunion night, Cyril's would not have exceeded well over last years profit due to fact of the inclement weather on Saturday and Sunday. An interesting fact that Rich Walczyk 60' noted was that 7 barrels of beer were sold that evening - go Cyrilite's!!!! Many Cyrilitie's were once again re-united and what a happy crowd they were, catching up with the old and keeping up with the new.

I was truly amazed when I pulled into the parking lot and noted the tremendous amount of cars. I believe over 400 had attended that day/evening. What a pleasure it was to see our sisters attend this reunion. Sad to say I did not take nearly enough pictures that evening considering how many attended, so I am hoping pictures will come my way either by "snail mail" or e-mail. As the evening progressed Fr. Ben, pastor of St. Cyril's, rendered his version of the Beatle's tune "Yellow Submarine". Carol Ishimaru (Myers) 61', Joyce Meyers 63', and Margie Krzycki (Paszkiewicz) 62' rang out the old familiar tune "Round Our Dear St. Cyril High..." What a pleasure it was to see Carol Myers, and yes she still is the same perky gal from back when. Joyce and Carol, still "cute as buttons". Sad to say I was unaware that JoAnn Salters (Wiezorkowski) and Beverly Gandolfi (Przybylo) both from 65', were there also with their husbands, Ken and Jim both from 64'. :-( The weather was on our side as the stormy weather held off close to the end of the evening. P.S. Didn't have my secretary with me to jot down names so if anyone out there recognizes a face please e-mail me me at and in the subject matter please state who you are from Cyril's so my spam does not delete your mail - don't use the guestbook - BUT - please do sign the guestbook after viewing the pics,as you know I love hearing from you in my book rather than e-mail, thanks! :-) Keep checking back as I will be adding more as pictures come in. So now my fellow Cyrilite's sit back and enjoy the view.