Rusty is a very large red fox who arrived unannounced one evening and tried to move into Foxy's territory. Although much larger than Foxy, he was no match for our feisty resident fox who screamed at Rusty until he gave up and left.--9,900 feet--Summit County CO--Photo by Klaus Hendrix -- Besides being beautiful and graceful, red foxes perform a great service for the gardener. They keep down the potentially-destructive rodent population, which includes chipmunks (poppy and pansy-bud eaters), ground squirrels (everything-eaters!), voles (ditto!), pocket gophers (roots, bulbs) and also many varieties of munching insects, including grasshoppers. They also eat carrion. Their urine and feces are returned to the garden in a form of rich nutrients for my plants. We work very hard to protect these "furry friends" from harassment by free-roaming neighborhood dogs.