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The Highland Hounds

Scooby Dooby Doo, our new Beagle, who weighed only 5 pounds when we got him...also featuring Bear (the dog we adopted in 2002), who weighs close to 100 pounds.

In September, our toddler Joey fell in love with a puppy at the pet store in the mall. Can you blame him?!?! It's just the most adorable puppy ever (well, since my old sheltie Annie)! On September 20, 2004, Daddy surprised Joey and brought home this Beagle Puppy. When Joey first saw the puppy in our house he cried. After a while we finally found out why Joey was crying: he was afraid that since we now had the puppy we'd have no reason to go to the mall anymore and Joey wouldn't get anymore new clothes. "I need new clothes for cold weather", Joey cried. We assured Joey we'd still go buy him clothes at the mall, even though a mall puppy was now living with us. With that, he was happy and decided to name his puppy Scooby. Well, at first he wanted to name him Mommy but we figured social services would be quick to take Mommy away when the kids went to school complaining how "Mommy" ate my homework or "Mommy" is crapping in the house or "Mommy" won't stay in her cage. So, Scooby it is...