LA 125 - WAS
LA 125 - Walter Allan of Stirling . OL- 39", BL- 33 1/2" (Wallace book # 36).... Plate IV. Figs. 2,3. Scottish Arms Makers, Charles Whitelaw - Backsword with open-work basket hilt of exceptionally fine design and execution, signed on the underside of the quillion WA over S (Walter Allan, Stirling). In several places it is fluted and decorated with the dot and circles ornament. A careful examination of the open-work design forming the hilt discloses that, in places,it takes the form of a butterfly - one of the secret emblems of the Jacobites. Inserted in the loops of the Pas d' ane at the base of the basket and at their junction point are three applied Scottish thistles, displayed and crowned, made of silver and bodly engraved. The blade is single edged with two flutes close to the point and is signed ANDRIA FARARA. Total length 39 1/8 inches. Blade, 33 3/8 inches by 1 1/8 inches.