LA 157 front view
LA 157 - Detached basket, inlaid throughout with strapwork, stars and pellets of brass. Signed on the thumb loops "JOHN ALLAN" and "STIRLING FECIT 1731", also neas the backguard JA over S. The two rivets which fasten the bar bearing the scrolled wrist-guard to the basket can be clearly seen, one between the letters J&A, the other below the S. The dovetail of this bar into the basket can also be seen above the initials J&A. (this is the item which appears to disprove the theroy, put forward by Charles Whitelaw, that the JAS mark was used exclusively by John Allan's son, John Allan Jr., as he was not admitted burgess of Stirling until 1741.) - Residing at the Museum of Scotland. Photo - NMS Publishing Ltd., Edinburgh, 1998.