Mr. John Birosh (L) and the infamous Mr. Edward Pokojski. I'm most sure they are both sweeping the heavens. (CHECK IT OUT)

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UPDATE: God does forgive and if Mr. Pokojski admitted to his sins he is safely in heaven
Oct. 23, 2012  By: Zena Welk/Judith Lichwala (owner of these pics on
wow I don't remember him. JSo sorry for you and family Judy P
May. 13, 2011  By: Connie Opalach
Woa nice to let us all know about this.
May. 13, 2011  By: ZENA WELK/JUDITH LICHWALA 65'
Mr Edward Pokojski was my grandfather and he is not sweeping the heavens because he was an alcoholic. Would beat his wife and molested me and my sister. I am sure heaven is not the place for him.
May. 12, 2011  By: Judy Pokojski K.
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