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The Highland Hens

On Mothers Day Morning, the post office delivered a box holding the newest additions to The Highlands. We are now the proud owner of 25 chickens, 3 roosters and 1 mystery chicken. They arrived in a tiny brown box and we transferred them into their first home: a metal Brooder we kept out in the shed. They remained there for a few months until they got too big and we moved them to a temporary pen in the old barn. We'll be up to our ears in Brown Eggs soon (or as Donna Becker says: Brown "something")! "Hey Kids & the Mystery Chicken" (as I affectionately call them) are doing well and growing faster than I ever imagined. My husband keeps saying "only 120 weeks until they can begin to go in my belly." Poor chickens. I just want to name them all and add them to our family...but I know my husband sees them as future dinners. My sister suggested I name the chickens after people in my first grade class (assuming I could find an old picture with their names on it...she thought that would be funny). I was thinking of naming them after famous decapitated people (like Marie Antoinette), since that's there ultimate fate, but I couldn't think of 29 beheaded historians and the thought was making me depressed. (((SIGH))))....So for now I just call them "Hey Kids" and "The Mystery Chicken". Sounds like a Pop Music Band doesn't it. We also call Mystery Chicken "Kramer" because he/she reminds us a bit of Kramer on Seinfeld, especially the way it walks.

"WHY DID THE CHICKEN CROSS THE ROAD?" visit Grandma on the other side of the Beltway, ofcourse! Yes, we've even taken a chicken on a day trip, but now they're getting too big for travel. They've moved to a temporary pen in the old barn until the chicken coop is completed. They're also beginning to lay eggs...a LOT of eggs!