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My Journey to the Philippines

"People of the Philippines: I have returned. By the grace of Almighty God our forces stand again on Philippine soil-soil consecrated in the blood of our two peoples...the hour of your redemption is here...rally to me. In the name of your sacred dead, strike! The guidance of Divine God points the way. Follow in His name to the Holy Grail of righteous victory." -General Douglas MacArthur

This was a sort of a return for me. I was six years old when I first went to the Philippines so my recollection is zero. My two week journey led me to experience the colorful Dinagyang Festival, the pristine beaches of Boracay, MacArthur history on the island of Guimaras, staving off dehydration with San Miguel beer and indulging in the staple of the Filipino diet - lechon (pig). The Philippines may be a third world country but it is a well kept secret for seasoned travelers.

I agree with Clifton Fadiman, "To feel at home, stay home. A foreign country is not designed to make you comfortable. It's designed to make its own people comfortable."

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