Article reads as: It was ten years ago that St. Thomas the Apostle Church, in the Harper/Van Dyke area was razed. The neighboring SS. Cyril & Methodius Church, School, Convent and Rectory met the same fate. The original wood church was built in 1918 on Heintz Street, then in 1925, this unique school and church structure was home to the Slovak Community until 1988. It was a rare structure where one could leave the school to attend church services without going outside. Former alumnus, Judith Lichwala, aka, Zena Welk, was distraught after realizing she missed the last Mass in 1988. "If I had known, I would have been there to say good bye", said Zena as she walked through the decaying building which once housed her school and church. After the church was sold to the Word of Faith non-denominational group, then to St. Cyril Apostolic Church and then abandoned, it fell into the hands of scavengers and the homeless. Upon meeting SSPI member and former alumnus Victor Pruchniewski via, they (Zena & Victor) exchanged memories of their contacts with the nuns, priests, teachers and other students. During the final days, Victor was allowed to go through the school and remove the class bells. Being that Zena spent 13 years there, he gave her one and explained how to use it in her home. After hearing it ring, she thought she was back in school and ready to start her classes. Anyone who would like to see more photos of SS. Cyril & Methodius Church, School, Rectory or Convent can go to Zena's website at and please feel free to sign her guestbook. She loves to hear from newcomers. Permission granted from Victor Pruchniewski to post article.