The End of Painted Cave Rd., Santa Barbara, Calif.
Hopped on the way no. 101 to no.192 to no.154 and then Painted Cave Road., parked car and asked local people for the best scene I could get. I was told to disregard the sign of "Private Property". Crossed the metal gate, hiked about 10min, I got this shot. The ruin was called Knapp's Castle. George Owen Knapp purchased this land in 1916 to make his place “a private mountain lodge that in natural beauty and grandeur will have few to equal it on the American continent.” He held the wine and cheese parties for the rich and elite and later a fire took the structure in 1931 with only the observatory remaining and flames later engulfed that as well in 1964. Knapp never rebuilt. When I walked back to my car, I found a ticket on the window asked me to pay $5 for the National Forest Pass.