Dale Schaaf - Deceased 6-11-61 - Should have graduated with the 64' graduating class. I never knew of any Cyrilite passing while I was attending St. Cyril's and at that time for me it was a devestating experience as I am sure it was for so many of you. Everyone knew Dale and he was very well liked by all, even us grade school kids, who knew him and we just thought he was "the cutest". I was in the 8th grade at the time of Dale's passing. My friend Jimmy Ryan passed when we were in grade school and he would have graduated with me in 65'.


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Amen to that Fran.
Sep. 11, 2013  By: Lichwala/Welk Owner of albums
Loved this guy since he came to school in first grade. We were neighbors & classmates. Spent a lot of time with him. He was the best. Kept in contact with his brother Gary for awhile. He was my first "love". Our whole school loved him. He was a special person.
Sep. 9, 2013  By: Fran Brown (Oleksy)
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