There is good reason why I have chosen this to appear first on the list of those who have passed. Upon reading this you will see the reason why. A certain individual made me aware, not long ago, that one of our Cyrilite's was murdered. Forthwith is a quoting from a news article dated May 23, 1972. "An east side Detroit housekeeper was fatally shot early today apparently during a holdup as she drove her car into her two car garage. Shot three times in the head, Mrs. Jane Steinhebel 21, of 7172 East Nevada was DOA at Holy Cross Hospital. Arriving home after an evening ride, her husband Nelson, also 21, said his wife decided to put the car in the garage. She pulled the car inside as he went to move his car from the street and also pull it into the garage, Nelson told police. Police said Nelson found his wife slumped over the steering wheel. Her purse was missing. Nelson said he saw no one nor heard any shots fired and did not know how much money was in his wife's purse. Police said they found footprints in the garden leading from the garage. Neighbors reported they heard what sounded like shots but saw no one." If anyone recalls this young lady anything you know in regards to her would be appreciated, especially any Cyrilite that was in her class. Most of you know my e-addy which has changed in the past year, if not contact others who do know. Any and all info would be appreciated. I will be contacting some of you via e-mail that were in her grad year. Thanks. POSTED: 2-15-10