Roseanne Gdula-Gettner Class of 68' Deceased 8-08-06. Posted: 8-19-06

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Hi Dodie,Kathy Ryan Nardi here.I was wondering if you had my pictures that I let you take home at the funeral parlor of RoseA.I really would love to have them back but you can of course make copies which was your intent.I miss them,they are a part of my life as RoseAnne was.Thanks so much.
Jun. 7, 2012  By: Kathy Nardi Ryan
Wasn't she somehow related to jerry Golohowicz (sp?), maybe a sister ?
Jun. 5, 2012  By: terry werner robertson '71
Hello There! Yepper Google has my stuff down for sure. I spoke many times with Roseanne via e-mail before her passing. How sad to have heard when she passed.
Sep. 26, 2009  By: Zena Welk/Judith Lichwala 65' owner of albums
Hi, I just was thinking about my sister and thought I'd Google her name; imagne my surprise when I got to see her picture looking and smiling at me..... My name is Doreen Geml (known to her friends as "Dodie"). I just wanted to say thank you for caring about her. Especially you MaryAnn.....
Sep. 24, 2009  By: Doreen Geml
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