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This album is dedicated to those Cyrilite's who have passed. God only takes the best. God bless! May they rest in peace! The day will come when we will all have one huge reunion when we meet on the other side. Many thanks to Barb Bastian (Myszynski), and others for sending yours truly scanned pics for me to post in my albums.

FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO HAVE NOT YET SIGNED MY GUESTBOOK WITH YOUR COMMENTS OUT OF COURTESY PLEASE DO SO AS I HAVE PUT MY TIME AND EFFORT INTO THIS. THANKS! :-) Also remember to have your volume turned on as I have music for all my albums. :-) PLEASE NOTE: Deceased faculty members are in the MOTHERHOUSE - OXFORD MI. ALBUM. BELOW IS A LIST OF DECEASED CYRILITES' AS I HAVE NO PICTURES TO POST: Thomas Lemon 51' Rose Marie Martinsky/Galvin deceased 2001