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================================================== The Photos for this album have taken nearly one year to put together and I would like to thank "Vincent" (albums picturetrail / vincent) for his help and Inspiration in making this all possible, also "Bud Guinn" for his help with the actions, the rest was just down to me! Adobe Photoshop 7, the girls from Thailand and my new Cannon digital camera, Brianc. ==================================================

“ACTIONS in THAILAND” The pictures in this album were all created 90% in Adobe Photoshop 7, all the actions are fully adjustable, action effects and styles have all been tweaked to get the results I wanted to produce for each photo in the album. My personal favorite the Sepia tint style, originally from the Adobe WOW Styles collection CD, and adjusted to my needs to make a “Sepiatone tint” that allows some of the original natural colour and highlights to show through and is a fully adjustable one click style that can be applied to any photo. The album contains Photo Actions with names such as “Floating on Canvas”, “Rounded on Teak” and “Framed matting” once again all adjustable! a selection in my own style version “Sepiatone tint” of the girls from Thailand land of smiles.