Sylvia (Car) Schell 57'. Sylvia served the community of California for five and a half years with the Riverside County Sheriff and moved on to the California Highway Patrol serving there for twenty five and a half years and was also a member of the Sheriff's Mounted Search And Rescue Team. Sylvia states that horses and law enforcement have always been in her life, while her main focus was raising her two "delightful drop-dead gorgeous sons". At the present time Sylvia has 10 acres of land in Ozark, Arkansas living in an old house, put in her words, "that she is trying to keep from imploding". Sylvia now raises Peruvian Paso horses which she trains for shows. At this point in her life Sylvia is very happy and content. As also stated by Sylvia, "not bad for an old broad". Sylvia is a real "GO-Getter" in my book! Posted: 5-04-05