Connie Lagodzinski 62' (Opalach) - Year 2002 BIO - Connie married Joe Lagodzinski in 1966 and is the proud mother of five children, two of whom are her step-daughters. Cheryl was six and Debbie was ten when Connie and Joe married. Joe's first wife passed at the tender age of 26. Connie quit her job at General Motors Chevrolet when she married and did not work full time until 1982 at General Dynamics where she worked for 13 yrs. and at that time took an early retirement. Connie received a Bachelor of Accountancy in 1994 from Walsh University is now, at the present time, working at Macomb Community College as a financial specialist in a department that does customized training for businesses. Cheryl and Debbie are now perspectively 41 and 46 yrs. old. Connie and Joe had three more children, Lynn, now 34, and Joe and Jim, (twins) now 30. All of Connie's children are married except for Joe who will be married in the year 2003. All of Connie's children have advanced degrees, and all are doing professionally well in their fields of work. Connie has two grandchildren, Lauren 14 yrs. old (Debbie's daughter) who is very pretty and smart and is now attending Bishop Foley, and Nicholas who is 10 months old (Lynn's son) and a real joy to have around. I would say Connie and Joe did a fine job raising their children and "kudos" to Connie and her accomplishments in life - and it's not over yet.