Darlene Smotherman (Groncki) class of 67'. Darlene has had quite a career in the music industry. She was a back-up singer in Nashville before moving to California. She has done quite a few commercials for Coca Cola, eg. the "Look Up America" campaign as well as "Raised on Country Sunshine". She teamed up with Roger Miller and was on the road for about 6yrs, while with Roger Miller she had the opportunity to sing with Mr. Miller and company at the White House when President Ford was in office. Darlene also worked with Ray Stevens (whom I admire) for about 4yrs. Also while residing in California she did a lot of work with Glen Campbell and sang on his hit "Southern Nights". Her husband is Michael Smotherman, a fairly well known song writer who had a lot of hits with the older country cats like Willy Nelson, and also Bonnie Raitt. If your familiar with country music his last hit was with Lila McCan - "Down Come A Black Bird". Darlene now resides in Nashville and is quite comfortable in her role as the proud mother of 3 girls, Katy 14, Sadie 10, Jamie 8 (shown in pic). I would venture say this is one heck of a bio!