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The Orbs At Her Father's Grave...

A friend of mine from highschool, who currently lives in New York City, came to visit me last summer. Of the many things we had planned to do during her visit, one of the most important was a visit to her father's grave at Arlington National Cemetery. She insisted that I bring my camera, not only to capture the moment but also in hopes of capturing some orbs. She'd seen my photos, seen my site here and she hoped I'd be able to capture that same phenomenom at her father's grave, as well. During her visit, which lasted several days, we took numerous photos all over the area and in all different types of lighting situations, but only at her father's grave and her childhood home did the orbs appear. After showing others these photos, she said that "People have mixed comments about the photos-but we shot photos with that same digital camera on different days and in many different lights, areas and context- and only the photos closely related to my father and my relationship to him, showed any orb activity. I don't doubt for a moment- that you captured his presence on film! Thank you!!"

"My father was a brilliant man. He was head of his graduating class from the Naval Academy in 1957, and received two Masters degrees and a Doctorate from M.I.T. He was pledged with two fraternities and was a member of several clubs for Electrical Engineers and received many meritorious service medals during his 26 year Naval career, including 2 separate awards of the Legion of Merit. He retired from military service in 1987 and headed to San Jose, CA to work with Lockheed Martin, Missiles and Space. He was a leading specialist in Aeronautical Engineering and headed a team that designed the International Space Station. My father died suddenly on May 9, 1997, of Cardiac Shock, while he was at work. Though he died suddenly, and without being able to say good-bye, I knew we shared an understanding of the heart. He knew my heart, and I knew his- I felt loved and supported by my father. There was nothing more that needed to be said between us. But in the aftermath of loss, I needed to feel his presence in my life. I needed to verify he not only existed in the past but existed in the present in my every day life. We (my mother, oldest sister and I) actually went to see John Edward (the psychic now famous for speaking with the dead). Though very little was said to me personally, my father did mention through John Edward that I'd been asking for "signs" that he was present, and he'd send me a herd of elephants that I would walk right past and not notice (.... when the elephants are invisible- they're hard for me to notice). It was very meaningful to me, when you and I visited one of my childhood homes and also Arlington National Cemetery where you shot many photos of my childhood home and my father's tomb stone, that almost all of these shots showed vividly colorful and vibrant orbs- some with vivid hues of blue or orange and others that were actually rainbow striped. At the time that we took the photos I most definitely felt my father present."