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Hurricane Isabel

If you see the News coverage about Maryland's devastation, then you're seeing things not too far from where we live. There were many homes not far from where we live that were completely submerged in water, even the local boardwalk. It could be a year before the docks at the Local Marina will be restored. People were having to take boats to get to homes and businesses the day after Isabel. ... Despite how close we were to such devastastion, our home barely had a scratch and no flooding at all. I went around the morning before the storm hit and took what I thought would be "before photos" of our home, yard and surrounding trees. The one tree I didn't take a photo of was the only tree that split right in half from the force of the winds, lol. Mother nature is having the last laugh, that's for sure. ...(I did find one on file to show comparison). During the 24 hours we were affected by the storm, the winds were relentless. It was pretty scary, but we felt safe in our home. The roof leaked for the first time since we moved in, but strategically placed towels and buckets helped. Besides that, the house stood strong and we only lost power for about 5 hours. Very lucky! ...My husband's boat is docked at a Marina about 10 minutes down the road from our home. All of the roads leading there were flooded by 4-8 foot storm surges. Many boats were sunk and many docks were lost. It was days before the water receded enough for my husband to be able to check his boat, but we found it safe and sound too!

My brother in law drove down to check the Beach house which is just north of where the eye of the huricanne hit in NC. Despite the images you see on the news and considering how close the home was to that area, it didn't even have a scratch! Again, very lucky. Only the pole for the basketball hoop was bent in half, as if it were taking a majestic bow. Otherwise, unscathed. My parents, who were in Austrailia on vacation when the storm hit, suffered only power outages and food loss; however, their home and deck were narrowly missed by a very tall tree that fell between the two. Only the dog house suffered damages. My sister's home was without power and phone for several days, but suffered no damage either even though her neighborhood looked like a war-zone. Even my brother and his family down in Richmond said their area was hit pretty hard and the News said that Richmond clocked some of the strongest winds locally (over 70 MPH). Again, they were lucky and not a scratch to their home either. I have to wonder if we don't have someone watching over us all. Infact, on my Mother's side of the family, they were able to trace her family geneology back to the 1700's and the oldest woman they traced back to was named ISABEL and she was born on March 10, 1778 (my son's birthday). She was said to be a very strong woman who outlived 3 husbands and all land and property documents on record are in HER name (unusual for back then). Makes you wonder if our own Isabel in the family wasn't watching over us as another Isabel wrecked Havoc around us, lol.