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Now, Art is no longer on hold.......

I have dabbled in all kinds of Art since I can remember but time available to do it was rare. I watched Bob Ross on TV and knew someday I wanted to paint like that. I had to put that on hold as I moved the boys in 1980 from California to where my family was in Virginia. When I had an empty nest as my grown boys moved away, life keep getting in the way of my desires on canvas. In late spring of '98 my back went out when I fell at work and my 30+ year career was over. I found my art helped keep my mind off the overwhelming pain and decided to get back into painting with the Bob Ross Method. I took a Seascape and two Landscape classes from a local Bob Ross Certified Instructor, then started painting on my own while watching the Bob Ross videos. These are the ones that I was able to photograph. Most were snatched up by family and friends before the paintings were dry! © S.Billings

Then my sister gave me the greatest gift of all - learning to share the Joy of Painting at Bob Ross Headquarters! I first Certified in the Bob Ross Wildlife method October 2000, just in time for the BR Instructors Reunion week long event in Fairfax, Virginia. There, I was inspired to Certify in the Landscape and Floral Bob Ross method in 2001. Special thanks, Sisterest!