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I discovered One stroke was a newfound ability to Redecorate & Restore Anything!

Altho the double loading technique is centuries old, my interest in OS all began in Sept of 2002 when I was home for months with a second back injury. I happened to see Donna Dewberry's One Stroke Decorative Painting TV show that came on after the Bob Ross' Joy of Painting show that I was taping. After I shut off the VCR, I started to leave the room as Donna began describing how to use the chisel edge of her brushes. She was speaking my language as I depend on chisel brushes to paint florals in oil. I immediately sat down & watched her show. Ideas flooded my mind as I saw her quickly paint designs freehand on the wall with ease. I was having the kitchen & bathroom updated at the time & I had real problems of what to put on the long boring white cabinets & light cover. I realized that using One Stroke techniques, I could paint any design in any color that I wanted on them - I was hooked! I got Donna's Favorites book and began painting various parts of the house shown in these photos, then went on to painting project surfaces. The rest is history as seen in the other four OS albums. Those albums have kept growing as I add more photos of my latest projects.

I can't thank Laura Nigen, certified One Stroke Instructor, enough for putting up with me. I have a lifetime of art experience and it was harder for me to learn new techniques. When I started, I struggled to learn from the OS videos and books. Then Laura, Class Coordinator at the Michaels where I taught Bob Ross Classes before my injury, invited me to take her classes, I jumped at the chance. Once in Laura's class, I learned quickly & marveled at how I could use each new technique in a variety of ways, on various surfaces. Then I brought all my art background into the One Stroke method which amazed Laura & I wound up teaching her so many new techniques she could use in her classes. Laura is a great innovative instructor who goes the distance to make sure each student gets the brush stroke techniques for every class. I couldn't catch on to OS strokes as quickly without her. Laura's gallery & classes ( Special thanks, Laura, my OS albums are dedicated to a great teacher!