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Well, back again for another year and it was a great day weather wise and the Cyril count (close to 30) - actuallY more as you read on - wasn't all that bad, could be better.... this year we had a pretty good showing for the class of 62' can't say the same for my year, class of 65'. Again, we had some new faces (Tom Van Kula and wife Marcia, Ann Margaret/Audee Van Kula, Charlotte Srock 66', Felicia Landa 66', to name a few). Always a delight to see the familiar faces that grace the fest/reunion year to year. Andy Jurco 56' and Bernadette Roy 66' were a few of the people where pics were not taken, I was not aware they were at the fest. Next year if I could be made aware that Cyrilite's are present that would be appreciated. Thanks. NEWS FLASH - Found out on 9-22-03 that JUST ABOUT THE ENTIRE CLASS OF 53' made an appearance and were in the church hall for a while at Cyril's and then off to dinner and a party at Loon's - to my dismay I did not have a chance to meet them as I had arrived later as most of us do. Will be putting up pics of 53' from the fest as soon as I receive them from Mary Ann Lemmon (Wahoski).

As far as the documentary is concerned they are still looking for a sponser for airtime. Rest assured it will happen, and when it does I will announce that on and also the Delphi Message Board.