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Life is full. Lots of art and calligraphy and lots of a wonderful little grandson, aka Jace the Face. I spent weeks in the south of France thanks to the largesse of a very fine cousin who loaned me her house. See some photos from that trip in the French Vacation album and also on my blogs, where I've loaded many photos from various cities and towns. Check out and to see photos. When I returned from France, I attended a fantastic calligraphy treat at Camp Cheerio in North Carolina. September is a wonderful time to be in the mountains there, and there is never a bad time to study under the tutelage of the master calligrapher, John Stevens. The Tetas, who run the retreat twice a year there, are fabulous people, and the Cheerio retreats have quite a following. It's hard to get a spot. I am very fortunate to have been able to go. I met some wonderful calligraphy friends there that I'd known for years but had never met, and made new friends too.

When I returned from Cheerio, I immediately began a project that I'd delayed for three years - getting rid of mauve carpeting and floral wallpaper in my living area. These were remnants of the former owner and did not reflect my taste at all. It's amazing how that has so completely changed my house to my home. I remain a Carlson Craft & MacPhersons wedding stationery rep and design invitations as well as sell commercially made ones. Contact me via email: *****