Rufus Hummingbird (female)
My gardens attract many colorful, musical birds. One of the outstanding attractions is this tiny "flying flower". The rufus hummingbird does not nest here. When it arrives, it is already on its long journey south. Both males and females sojourn in Summit County, Colorado from about July 4 to August 15. The male rufus hummingbird leaves earlier than the female but while they are in residence, they make life miserable for our other migratory hummingbird, the broadtailed, constantly chasing it away from our sugar-water feeder. They even chase each other away from the feeder. You can almost hear the great sigh of relief from the broadtailed hummingbirds (who lodge with us from around May 15 to September 15) when the feisty rufus hummingbirds pack their bags and resume their journey south! Photo by Klaus Hendrix