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A tribute to our beautiful daughter, Sharon June Jaster Misplay. She was born March 26, 1953, the first child and only daughter of Florence and Donald Jaster. She was the light of our lives. She had 2 younger brothers. Sharon was a born "caretaker". She took care of her brothers and started baby sitting at an early age. She loved kids. When she was in the eighth grade she began volunteering at the local Cerebral Palsy center each Thursday evening. She did that all thru high school and MAC. Only stopping to have her own son and daughter. When they became school age, she returned to school, worked at Head Start as a in home teacher. Later as a Para Professional and substitute teacher in the north county school system. And Last as the District Director of the North County Horizons program. This is our tribute to her and pictures of her life and the terrible, horrible disease that ended the life of the wonderful caring woman, who was described by our church secretary as the, "Keeper of God's Children"

In the beginning she was told that she only had a few months to live. But she was a fighter and lived for more than 2 years, They were hard, often painful years. Filled with chemo, radiation and suffering and yes, even in todays world, ignorance. Example..She lost her hair twice in those two years. She hated that wig and refused to wear it. On a couple of occasions, shunned by acqaintences and even the wife of one of her cousins! Please, if you see a bald woman who has the courage to go bald, please respect her decision and greet her with kindness and respect. After all, she didn't ask for this disease, and it could very well be you or a loved one tomorrow.