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Our Cruise From Texas To Louisiana

I guess not too many people have ever been on a cruise from Texas to Louisiana. In September 2002 we set sail from Galveston, Texas on the Carnival Jubilee for a four day cruise to Mexico. Hurricane Isidore decided to make an appearance and our plans quickly changed.

We sailed towards Mexico, but Hurricane Isidore decided to head towards Mexico too. Around 28 hours into the cruise the Captain announced that we were turning around and heading to New Orleans instead. By then the seas were very rough and we raced across the Gulf Of Mexico toward New Orelans. Many of the passengers and crew were sick. A table in the Casino even turned over. Events had to be canceled. By the time we reached New Orleans the hurricane had changed direction and was now headed towards New Orleans. Almost 700 passengers got off the ship! They decided to take Carnival up on their offer to fly people home and make partial refunds if they weren't satisified before the ship reached the first port. We decided to stay on the ship. By then we knew we wouldn't get seasick (we had already been tested and passed) and we weren't having a bad time. We weren't having a great time, but it really wasn't so bad. The crew now out numbered the passengers. Heading back to Galveston the hurricane was down graded to a tropical storm. The seas were very rough again, but we made it back to Galveston safe and sound. Isidore made landfall west of New Orleans.