Oval ended mother of pearl with swan detail
I've only seen one other pen similar to this one and it had an animal (a deer, I think) in the oval filigree. The pen is resting on a little antique, handmade pen-wiper shaped like a lady's glove.

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Sandi, I'm sorry to be so late in responding. I only saw this today. I have a few inkwells, but because I know so little about them I don't seek them out. I'm afraid of being burned by my own ignorance. So - I stick mostly to pens.
Dec. 27, 2010  By: jan
I love your swan pen! I have begun collecting pens and have a number of the mother of pearl and a stanhope. Do you still collect inkwells? I couldn't find them on your website.
Oct. 23, 2010  By: Sandi C.
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