Marsh Magic

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Time to Reflect': Very hard to narrow down to just two! So many good ones!39, 44, 13, 11, 57 ,& 46 ..and, of cosrue, I liked Gw's # 23, considering it was taken with the old 3.2 coolpix Nikon from a primitive campground only accessible by boat!Maybe while the internet connection is still functioning on this cptr., I can figure out how to get my August assignment to Kim before the meeting. I have been without a cptr. for one week [waiting for a new tower to be built to replace an 8 yr. old laptop used daily! I'm borrowing another old one that would not let me connect to the Internet to retrieve & send mail until 30 mins. ago!kck!
Oct. 3, 2015  By: nFzDsNQgzL
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