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A Glimpse into Our Home

We love the beauty and warmth of wonderful old pieces. To us, there is something very comforting in knowing that the items you surround yourself with have been a part of other's lives -- that they each have a history and a story that is unique and ongoing.

My husband is a wood worker and he looks at pieces with a knowing eye. At the same time, he is rubbing his hand over the surfaces, feeling the wood to be sure, but feeling the story as well.

Our home is a mix of treasured family heirlooms, great finds over the years and those little items that just tugged at our hearts, demanding to come with us. What started as just a different "one of a kind" have turned into small collections along the way making personal statements in each room. Not a sanctuary for the purist, our home is meant to be lived in and looks so on any given day. But it makes us feel warm and comforted. Being there is like spending the day with an old friend -- kicking off your shoes, putting your feet up and just enjoying the moment together.

For all of you who have asked many times and for my new friends on this site, please come in, take a little glimpse and meet some favorite "old friends" in our home. They are a wonderful part of why coming home brings us such pleasure.