This is a pic of the lunchroom - this is my favorite one - so many orbs and colored one's also. I was actually shocked when I downloaded this picture and saw tons of orbs.


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judy, pm me on fb with the good website of the orbs. First time on concentrated on these pictures and noticed them. I think the other time I looked at them I was at work and distracted.
Nov. 24, 2014  By: Connie Opalach Lagodzinski
I have many memories about the lunchroom. It was my favorite!! I remember buying candy from that display case to the left. It used to be on the step to the far left!!Thank you for posting such wonderful pictures with so many memories!! :)
Aug. 27, 2013  By: Kathy T
Dear Friend! Who me ye be?? Will try and find what you mention on the internet. You would be surprised what I get in my backyard.
Feb. 19, 2007  By: Zena Welk/Judith Lichwala (my pics on this site)
This one needs to be sent to "AM Coast to Coast" website. Never seen so many orbs.
Feb. 16, 2007  By: A Friend
Hi Bonnie! If you know enough about orbs that is really a good sign, not a bad one. E-mail me and I will turn you on to a good website -
Jan. 18, 2007  By: Zena Welk/Judith Lichwala 65'
I cried at seeing so many orbs in the lunchroom. Thanks for all of your work and for sharing.
Jan. 17, 2007  By: Bonnie (Kovach) Hutton
Hi Bob! Yeah tell me about it. Shame isn't it?
Aug. 26, 2006  By: Zena Welk/Judith Lichwala 65'
Zena Thanks for the memories, I cannot believe the destruction
Jun. 13, 2006  By: Bob Bellich
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