A Stray Cat.
There were so many stray cats in the Borghese Museo and other places around Rome. This is one of them.

Photo Comments
christina - judy, we can't thank you enough for ctiuarpng such sweet images of our little guy! we LOVE the images and receive compliments of your photos ALL the time! it was also fun to see your boys run around like crazy during the shoot & interact with Hyden. adorable! March 22, 2012 12:08 am
Jun. 26, 2013  By: IGXIiTwAIBbsCLi
There's something very spcaiel about the buildings/architecture in Italy. The pastel colours and the textures are amazing and very well captured here.The guitarist plays his part in the image well, he's really concentrating hard!
Jun. 26, 2013  By: vc6kxqN4
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