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WE AS COUNTRY NEIGHBORS, WOULD LIKE TO BID A FAREWELL TO OUR FELLOW NEIGHBOR...VICKI HAS GONE ABOVE & BEYOND HELPING US AS A GROUP TO GROW & EXPERIENCE THE JOYS & TEARS AS A GROUP OF FRIENDS GROWING TOGETHER.....WE ASK THAT YOU LIFT HER FAMILY UP AS THEY BEGIN TO EXPERIENCE A NEW NORMAL AND FINDING WHERE THEY ARE TO GO FROM HERE....YOU WILL BE MISSED VICKI...THANK YOU DOESN'T SEEM TO BE ENOUGH...LOVE YOU!...............YOUR NEIGHBORS! 152 years ago this year, my Great-Great Grandfather, Jacob Wells Easton left Kentucky in search of fertile ground for his new homestead. His expedition found unclaimed property deep in a valley amidst the rolling hills and hollows and glistening waters of northeastern Lawrence County. My original deed reflects the transfer of property from the US Goverment to Jacob Wells Easton. After his death the property passed to my Great Grandfather Joseph, then on to my Grandparents Everett and Minnie Easton. After their passing, I begged for a chance to carry on the legacy. I have called the farm my home for 22 years now, since 1994. Mockingbird Hill was named by my Grandmother, for the melodic tunes heard throughout the homestead. The valley echoes memories of the Easton clan and the tough times faced throughout the past 154 also brings smiles to our faces as we continue to gather and reminiscence of wonderful times spent together at THE FARM.

Due to the deaths of my parents, Mockingbird Hill will not be participating on the 2016 tours. We thank our customers for their support over the past several years. I am unsure where my path will lead me in the's been a journey...and I am thankful to those whose shared it with folks loved being a part of each tour...a special thanks to Jenell...I could not have done it without you. Safe travels till we meet again. Vicki