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Over thirty years ago, the dreams of a little girl were planted with a tiny little "Mustard Seed"....when I was growing up my strongest desire was to be a "Grocery Store Mom", just like my Granny.......I kept myself busy, carrying empty pop bottles to the garage...rearranging shelves....playing with the cash register (which I didn't get to do often!)....smelling pickle dog that Granny just put down in the jar....and waiting on the Honey Crust bread box for Daddy to pick me up after work. My life was full...I grew with that love in my heart for "old" first of all,the smell of the store, the wooden screen door, the butcher block, the creek in the old wood floor! But my one true desire was to have a store just like Granny, maybe not a grocery, but one I could fill with things made from my heart...I AM BLESSED ~ Denise

Mustard Seed Denise Crose 229 Salem Road Heltonville, IN 47436