Scilla siberica
Siberian Squill
Liliaceae or Lily Family
6 inches tall
Full sun to light shade
Ordinary garden soil
Propagate by seed or plant purchased bulbs 3 inches deep in fall
Photos by Jane Hendrix

Pictured below are the dark blue Siberian Squill and the pure white form (Scilla siberica alba).

The so-called "minor bulbs" are an inexpensive way to bring a lot of color into an early spring garden without the maintenance problems of the larger, showier bulbs. Crocus, Puschkinia, Siberian Squill,Glory-of-the-Snow, Snowdrops, Checkered Lily, and Winter Aconite are easy and quick to plant in fall. After blooming, the ripening foliage is easily hidden among later perennials and many of these little gems self-sow, creating ever-increasing carpets of multicolored hues without any additional investment of money or labor from you.