Just to give you an idea on what our neighborhood looks like.. actually this is one of the better areas if you can believe that. This particular house is the house that Pat Warczak (Hogrebe)class of 66', resided in for many years. That house looks pretty lonely sitting there.

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Hi Larry your most welcome. Yes on Forgotten Detroit the link to this site is posted assuming that is what lead you to my photo's. My family still resided on St. Cyril Avenue when the 67' riots took place. I attended Cyril's for 12 years. The Biroshs' rings a bell.
Mar. 19, 2013  By: Owner of albums
Thanks for documenting what was left of St. Cyrils. I had seen some of the photos on Forgotten Detroit. My moms family,the Biroshs lived on Winfield and attended school there. The last time I remember driving past the church was with my dad and uncle during the 67 riots.
Mar. 18, 2013  By: Larry Smith
Family legend says the original Church was located on Girarden near Miller. My father and aunts and uncles attended grade shool there. Great Uncle Joe donated the land for the new church/school. My parents were Married there and I was baptized there. I was a pallbearer for my Grandparents Funerals .
Nov. 29, 2012  By: Joe Tribula
Just now saw your post. Thanks glad you like what I did. Unfortunately things wll not be better or turn around only deteriorate more. Too dangerous for me to go back down there at this point.
Mar. 11, 2011  By: Zena Welk/Judith Lichwala 65'
I've never been to Detroit, but have met several people from there. I really have to feel for many of y'all on the state of the city; can't imagine my childhood neighborhood being razed to the ground. Very moving photos you've posted. I hope things get better & turn around. Take care.
Oct. 10, 2010  By: Dan
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