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The Pageant Party 2009

Move over Fantasy Football, it's time once again for the Butler Family's annual Miss America Bash (and by "bash" we mean not only to party but also to criticize harshly). It's the perfect place to wear your old prom dresses or bridesmaids dresses (the uglier or more ill fitting the better). Pick a state out of the dog bowl and BECOME that contestant for the rest of the party. The party is usually hosted by my mother, but she's recovering from back surgery. My sister, who created the concept of the contest, was unable to attend this year, as was her daughter Heather who had to work in NYC where she now resides. We missed them, but the show must go on...

Eligible to pick out of the dog bowl this year was Breezy (Missed My Grandma and later Miss My Weight Watchers Meeting), Lauren Sue in a homemade dress out of diapers(Missed The Toilet), Miranda (Mis Understood), Shania (MisTake), Alissa (Miss Demeanor), Amanda (Missed the Five Foot Mark), Jessica (Missed A Meal), and Miranda (Miss Understood). Also attending for the first time, Tamra Kaye (Missed My Best Friend).