Yep the good ol' Eastown - spent many a Saturday afternoons there as I am sure most of you did also. Late 60's I went there, can't remember the name of the band - they turned the show into a musical hot spot. Just around the corner from the Eastown was the Van Dyke Theatre where they charged 9 cents (Eastown was charging 25 cents) which you could see 23 cartoons and 3 monster movies as well as a weekly serial of Flash Gordon or whatever serial that was out at the time - this was around 1955. WOW WHAT A DEAL! Thanks to Jerome Janci for that bit of info (3-2-07). UPDATED: 3-12-07


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Wow, like you spent many a Sat there, smok'n in the bathroom HAHA
Aug. 21, 2009  By: Doris Benge
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