SPECIAL THANKS TO MY FRIEND BOB HANUS CLASS OF 49' FOR THE FOLLOWING SIX PICTURES. Pics were taken 11/06. I have yet to revisit the area but plan on doing so soon. Bob informed me he was driving west on Kern and took the pictures from the corner of St. Cyril and Kern looking directly at the area where the church would have been. Bob also informed me that there is not a house to be found all the way to Mt. Elliott (only factories in the distance). All the street signs have been removed and entrance to the streets are barricaded with concrete barriers. Yes my friends is this not hard to believe?? This and the following 5 pictures were posted 4/25/07. FIRST PICTURE: Well the Hanus house is still standing in the middle of the block- amazing, and looks in good shape I must add.

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I lived on Kern Street (1964-68) and went to St. Cyril for 1st and 2nd grade before moving out. So very sad.
Jun. 24, 2011  By: Karen (Aller) Mada
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